The concept of the WILEORC started more than seven years ago, when a close friend of Paul Dilger asked then Deputy Mike Doud if he would be willing to meet with him; Paul was experiencing some challenges after being severely injured in the line of duty. Mike, having been injured himself, agreed to this request, and subsequently spent countless hours talking with Paul about the struggles they faced during their experiences. Throughout their discussions, it was mentioned “Wouldn’t it be nice if there were something out there for officers when something like this happens?”

As time progressed, Mike and Paul expanded their discussions by inviting Officer Scott Hibler and Deputy Bryan Skaar, another officer who had been injured in the line of duty, to participate in their discussions. Tiffany Cole was soon invited and the idea to create an organization to assist injured and disabled Law Enforcement Officers was formed. Ultimately the Board of Directors was chosen and the WILEORC was officially established in June 2014.

The Board now consists of current or former employees (in good standing) of law enforcement agencies within the State of Wisconsin, and civilian members with no ties to law enforcement. Each member brings their own unique experience, knowledge, and perspective to the organization, with the goal of making this a valuable resource for law enforcement officers and their families for many years to come.